Creating Chances


Many ambitious and well-educated parents around the country regard a good education as paramount. They employ tactics to access the best schools for their children and then develop the best support networks, including extra private tuition.

"Parents are paying an extra £41,000 to buy a home near the top state secondary schools in England, underlying the lengths to which they are prepared to go to raise their child's prospects of getting a good education." Financial Times, September 2015.

We know from research that looked after children do not regard higher education as a natural course and will invariably be looked after by adults who have little experience of higher education or indeed an understanding of the life long value of education and training.

The University of Wolverhampton Aspire to University (A2U) programme is a new initiative with the targeted aim of increasing the number of looked after children achieving successful outcomes in pre and then post 16 and university education.

The programme will be open to year 7 (12 year old children) capable of higher education. The children will be tracked and supported year by year through the education system and then onto university - it could be at Wolverhampton or indeed any other university in in the UK or even Europe and America.

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself" - John Dewey
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