Creating Chances

What We Do

There are many dedicated people working as carers, social workers and teachers; all striving to improve the poor life chances of children in care but more help is desperately needed. As a society we all share a moral responsibility for children in care. Creating Chances Trust works to promote a new public, business and voluntary partnership to ensure care children achieve a good standard of education - creating a platform for self-belief, patterns of success, and rewarding employment.

Through our loyal network of business backers the Charity provides for or supports the A2U programme by:

  • Fund raising
  • A "culture and sport education offer" - broader education experiences to support formal education
  • Bespoke small grants awards for children & families - perhaps for special equipment or educational experiences
  • Brokering work experience linked to a university course or jobs interest
  • Assisting young people in the search for employment
  • Helping with job applications
  • Providing professional or business mentors
  • Lobbying to ensure fair funding support for looked after children and families
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